Mobile Pay FAQs

Enjoy all the benefits of your Transcend Credit Union SmartCash Debit Card and Prestige Visa Card by utilizing Mobile Pay on your mobile device. It's the easy, secure and private way to pay with a simple touch.


Q: What is Mobile Pay?
A: A virtual wallet, which offers a simple and secure way to pay with your debit and credit cards with Apple, Samsung and Android devices. Mobile Pay enables you to pay at the point of sale with your cell phone.

Q: Is Mobile Pay safe and secure?
A: Yes! Mobile Pay can be safer than using a traditional debit or credit card. Your card in your mobile wallet is protected by a Touch ID or your device Passcode. For your security, when you make a purchase using Mobile Pay, you must enter either of these. As added protection, your card number and identity aren’t shared with the merchant, and your actual card numbers aren’t stored on your device or on your mobile servers. A unique digital code is created specifically for your device. We strongly recommend you always secure your mobile device(s) with a password or PIN.

Q: How do I get Mobile Pay?
A: In order to use Mobile Pay you must first have the mobile wallet app which corresponds to your device. If the application is not already loaded to your device, please visit the App Store/Google Play Store and search your device’s corresponding app: Apple Pay TM, Google Pay TM or Samsung Pay TM and download it to your phone.

Q: What devices are supported? 
A: Please see your mobile provider for details on which devices are supported.

Q: Is it easy to use and set up? 
A: Yes! Be sure your supported device has been updated to its latest version. To add a credit or debit card on your device, open Wallet and click on “Add Debit or Credit Card.” You are able to pay securely with a single touch at many participating stores. If you’re having trouble setting up your mobile wallet, please visit your provider’s site listed above for step-by-step help.

Q: Where can I use Mobile Pay?
A: Look for one of these symbols at checkout:

Mobile Pay ImageWe now have Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Q: How will I know the payment went through? 
A: You'll hear a small sound or feel a vibration to indicate that the payment was successful, as well as a paid message on your device's display.

Q: Which stores accept Mobile Pay?
A: Apple Pay

    Google Pay

    Samsung Pay

Mobile Payments are accepted at more and more locations each day; however we advise you to continue to carry your physical cards in order to use them where Mobile Payments are not accepted.

Q: Will I have to sign a receipt?
 As you do today with a plastic debit or credit card, you might need to sign a receipt, depending on the store and the transaction amount.

Q: Will my device show my transactions?
 When you view your card in your device’s mobile wallet, you’ll see the last transaction for each debit card or credit card. Just tap the card and then tap the information button.

Q: What do I do if I need to return an item purchased with Mobile Pay?
 The return process varies by merchant. You may need to present a receipt from the merchant to return the item. To complete the return, hold your device over the contactless payment terminal and wait for the slight vibration of the device to confirm the return has been processed. You must use the same Mobile Pay enabled device you used to purchase the item to process the return.

Q: Can I continue to use/swipe my plastic SmartCash or Prestige Visa card?
 Yes. If you choose, your plastic debit or credit cards will work as normal.

Q: Does Transcend Credit Union charge to use Mobile Pay? 
A: No. Transcend does not charge to use this service.