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Credit Cards

Low Rate, No Annual Fee Credit Card

Wherever you're going today and whatever you're doing, chances are good there will be costs involved. A Transcend Credit Union Prestige Visa® Credit Card is the perfect travel and shopping companion. It offers worldwide purchasing power, low rates that save you money every month, and cutting-edge security features.

  • 0% Introductory APR* on all purchases and balance transfers for the first 6 months
  • Fixed rates as low as 8.90% APR*
  • No annual fee
  • No cash advance fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • Rewards program allows you to redeem points for gift cards, merchandise, travel services, and more
  • Visa® Zero Liability protection means you're not held responsible for unauthorized purchases
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Visa's® 24/7 anti-fraud and identity theft protection

Why Get a Transcend Credit Union Credit Card?

Besides a great low rate, the Transcend credit card has no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no cash advance fee, making it one of the best values around.

How Do Credit Union Credit Cards Work?

Credit cards are a form of revolving credit, similar to a line of credit that you use by charging online and in-person purchases with a card. Paying the balance of your charges is flexible, with most cards only requiring a minimum monthly payment that is usually around 2% of your balance plus interest. Interest accrues on any balance remaining on the card and paying off a card requires discipline to pay more than the minimum payment. You can estimate monthly payments based on various balances and interest rates using our loan payment calculator or credit card payoff calculator.

What Are the Benefits of a Transcend Credit Union Credit Card?

With so many options available to you, consider the benefits of a credit card offered by Transcend Credit Union.

No Annual Fee. That’s right, the Transcend credit card does not have an annual fee, making it easy to build and maintain a good credit history with the responsible use of your credit card.

No Cash Advance Fee. Access your credit card available credit by the means most convenient to you. Cash advances (usually conducted at an ATM) will not trigger a cash advance fee at Transcend.

No Balance Transfer Fee. Many credit cards charge a fee to transfer other card balances to their card.  At Transcend we make managing your debt and repayment easier with no fee for transferring balances to your Transcend Credit Union credit card.

Start Earning Rewards with the No Fee Transcend Credit Union Credit Card Today

If you want a great credit card value, there is no reason to wait. Apply online or contact us to get started.

 *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The introductory APR for Purchases and Balance Transfers is effective upon the opening of your account for 6 complete billing cycles. When the Introductory Purchase APR and Balance Transfer APR ends, both the Purchase APR and Balance Transfer APR is the rate disclosed to you at account opening and is calculated according to the Finance Charge Calculation Method section of your Cardmember Agreement. There is no cash advance fee, annual fee, or balance transfer fee. This APR is applied to new and outstanding balances. Foreign transactions subject to 1% fee of each transaction in U.S. dollars. Cannot be combined with any other offer. All rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Contact us for additional details.

Federally insured by NCUA.

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