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Rate Rewards Checking

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By making smart use of banking tools, you can definitely save time and make everyday life a little easier. These same moves can also put more money in your pocket. With Rate Rewards Checking, you can earn up to 2.25% APY* on balances up to $24,999.99 by having a combination of products and services. This product has a base rate for all account balances and you can earn rate bonuses for using additional Transcend products and services.

Deposit Amount
APY* APY* w/ All Qualifying Products
$0 - $4,999.99 0.10% 2.10%
$5,000 - $14,999.99 0.15% 2.15%
$15,000 - $24,999.99 0.25% 2.25%
$25,000 or more 0.10% 0.10%

It's easy to earn a higher rate at Transcend Credit Union

There are many services you can use to boost your Rate Rewards Checking rate. We automatically calculate your rate bonus each statement cycle based on how many of the qualifying products and services you actively use, up to an additional 2.00% APY!

Direct Deposit Reward +0.50% APY*

Sign up for Direct Deposit and earn this rate reward when you have at least $1,000 direct deposited each statement cycle  

Loan Reward +0.50% APY*

It doesn’t get easier than this, get a consumer loan and earn a rate reward. Qualifying loans include Home Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Home Equity Loan, Auto Loan, Unsecured Personal Loan, and Secured Personal Loan. Credit cards with 10 transactions per statement cycle or a card balance of $5,000 or more can also meet this reward requirement.

Debit Card Reward +0.25% APY*

Use your debit card to make a purchase at least 10 times per statement cycle to earn this rate reward.

e-Statement +0.50% APY*

Simply enroll to receive e-Statements every month to save time and paper, and receive a nice rate reward. 

Online BillPay Reward +0.25% APY*

Complete a minimum of 10 of any of the following transactions per month to receive the online billpay rate reward: payments initiated through NetTeller Online Billpay, automatic ACH withdrawals, or cleared checks.

Additional Rate Reward Checking Account features

Just like all of Transcend’s checking accounts, we also pack the Rate Reward Checking Account with a lot of convenience and features.

  • Earn dividends on all account balances
  • 24/7 Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Free mobile app
  • Get a SmartCash Visa® Debit Card for easy online and in-store purchases
  • Mobile Deposit available
  • Free unlimited access at all Transcend Credit Union ATMs

Start earning more on your checking balances with Transcend Credit Union’s Rate Rewards Checking

With so many easy ways to boost your dividend rate on your checking balances, it pays to move your checking to our Rate Rewards Checking Account.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. No minimum balance is required to open or maintain a Rate Rewards Checking Account. Rate Rewards Checking is a dividend-bearing, variable rate account that is subject to a rate cap. All tier dividend rates and APY, Rate Rewards bonus basis points for qualifying products, and rate cap are subject to change monthly. Limited to one Rate Rewards Checking per member. Failure to comply with these requirements will make you ineligible for a Rate Rewards Checking account and/or earning Rate Rewards Checking bonus dividends. Dividends are calculated using a tiered dividend rate based on the average daily balance. Your average daily balance for the month corresponding to the applicable balance tier will earn the stated dividend rate and be paid on the full account balance when all Rate Rewards Checking requirements are met. The applicable tier rate will be paid monthly on any amount over $25,000 and will be paid on all balances if Rate Rewards Checking requirements are not met.

Additional basis points will be given for each qualifying product and added to the relevant balance tier rate for the dividend period. The maximum balance to receive the base rate plus additional basis points for each qualifying product is $24,999.99.  Balances of $25,000 or more receive the applicable tier rate with no additional basis points for qualifying products. Each of the product qualifying bonus points are subject to change monthly.  

Qualifying Rate Rewards Checking Account dividend rates apply as long as at least one qualifying product is maintained on the account.  The qualifying products are as follows:

  • Credit Union mortgage, home equity line of credit, home equity loan, auto loan, secured personal loan, personal loan, or a credit card that has ten (10) completed transactions per statement cycle or a credit balance of $5,000 or more;
  • Cumulative direct deposit(s) of $1,000 or more per statement cycle;
  • Enrollment in electronic statements
  • Debit Card Usage of a minimum of 10 debit card transactions per statement cycle, or;
  • Online BillPay with a payment originated through NetTeller or automatic ACH withdrawals or cleared paper checks (any combination of the three of ten (10) or more per month).

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